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Welcome to the website celebrating the life and restoration of our family heirloom 1965 Buick Deluxe Special station wagon!

You can use the navigation buttons above to learn more about the history of our wagon, see a collection of before and after photos of her restoration and modernization, or to see the current specifications of the car.

Our wagon was featured in a story found in the August edition of The Orinda News. You can read this story on by clicking on the following link:

Our wagon parked in front of our first house when we started moving in. It was spring 1968.

Biquette on the driveway of our first
                          house in 1968

Our wagon parked in front of the same house - summer 2019

Biquette on the driveway of our first
                            house in 2019

Despite appearances, our wagon has been repainted to the authentic Buick Seafoam green of her factory paint-job. Alas, slide emulsions are not color-stable over 40+ years.

What's in a name?

Biquette's personalized license plate'

Naming cars is a family tradition on my father's side. My parents decided to name our 1965 Buick Special: "Biquette". It is a French slang word meaning roughly "Billy-goat." Why roughly? In French the spelling of name designates gender - in this case "ette" means female. So Biquette is either a "she billy-goat" or perhaps a tomboy nanny-goat!

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