AppleScript and other resources for Lightsoft Weather Center (LWC)
Last updated: February 25, 2012

With the unfortunate, but fortunately temporary, shutdown of Lightsoft Weather Center (LWC), existing users may find themselves orphaned with what is otherwise outstanding weather monitoring software.  The most important resource for LWC users is the new forum created for LWC and other Mac weather enthusiasts:  This page is intended to provide a provisional repository for tutorials, AppleScript tools, and other resources of use to LWC users.  When development on Lightsoft Weather Center resumes, the resources this page will probably be absorbed into the Lightsoft website as was true in the past.

AppleScript add-ons for Lightsoft Weather Center:
LWC Temp rising or falling
Two AppleScript application "triggers" that can be used with LWC alerts to create Growl notifications when particular temperatures are reached.
LWC Status Growler (BETA)
A monitoring tool to warn LWC users of failures in most of the LWC services.  Also provides facilities that with LWC AppleScript Web Tag Converter can be used to create a remote web-based system console of your LWC installation.
LWC Storm Monitor (BETA)
1.1β2 A monitoring tool that generates alerts using Growl or email of potentially significant barometric pressure changes, high winds and rainfall.
LWC Zambretti forecaster (BETA) 0.5.8
An AppleScript "translation" of Beteljuice's JavaScript software emulation of the 1915 Negretti and Zambra (Zambretti) weather forecaster.
LWC ET Reporter (BETA) 0.6.7
An implementation of the Blaney–Criddle equation for computing evapotranspiration and where available reporting of the Davis Vantage Pro-2 computation of the Penman–Monteith equation.  Results are reported via Growl notifications and email and can be incorporated into a website using the LWC AppleScript Tag Converter script.
LWC Twitter Uploader (BETA)
An AppleScript add-on to LWC that allows users to create periodic "twits" of current weather conditions at their weather station.
LWC AppleScript Tags Processor (BETA)
An AppleScript application that can take data generated from other AppleScripts on this page and replace pseudo web tags with the current data in web templates.
LWC Web Data Uploader (BETA)
An AppleScript add-on to LWC that allows users to upload data to the Met Office Weather Observations Website, PWS-Weather website, and WeatherBug website.

Web templates for Lightsoft Weather Center:
LWC SeaMonkey web templates
A collection of 4 HTML web templates and associated materials to create a web site using the Mozilla SeaMonkey web composer that displays weather data with LWC.

AppleScript tutorials:
Using AppleScript to produce Growl notifications from LWC triggers
Introduction to creating small AppleScripts that run as applications that can be triggered by LWC alerts.
Enabling Growl to send notifications across local networks
Introduction to using Growl to send notifications over a local-area network of Macintosh computers so that weather (and other data) is shared.