Weather trends for Canebas Weather Station

Last update: 24 Jan 2020 6:41 PM

Graphs of current weather trends for Canebas Weather Station

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Outside temperature graphs for the past 14 days.  The ISS temperatures come from a Davis Vantage Pro with a standard radiation shield that is exposed to the sun.  Details on the configuration of these two temperature probes can be found here.
Custom Graph customgraph9.jpg
14 day trend of barometric pressure
Custom Graph customgraph10.jpg
14 day trend of wind gust and average wind speeds
Custom Graph customgraph11.jpg
14 day precipitation and hourly rainfall rates
Custom Graph customgraph5.jpg
14 day Rainfall vs PenmanñMonteith daily evapotranspiration rates
Custom Graph customgraph7.jpg
Previous 12 hours of solar radation (local station time)
Custom Graph customgraph12.jpg
Today's external humidity
Custom Graph customgraph13.jpg
Today's dew point
Custom Graph customgraph14.jpg
Today's cloud base (calculated)
Graph of
                              rainfall at Canebas Weather station

Comparison of observed rainfall at Canebas weather station with seasonal averages for Orinda as reported by: December was a wet month, and as a result, Canebas weather station received 120% of the normal rainfall for December.  Alas, that surplus made only a modest dent in the deficit resulting from the dry Autumn.  The net result is that only 54% of the normal rainfall was received through the end of December.   Data is updated manually.  Last update:  December 30, 2019.

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